Karen Davison is a published author, a member of the Animal Care College, Ascot, UK, and holds qualifications in:-

Canine Psychology,
Advanced Canine Psychology Behaviour and Training,
Advanced Wolf Ecology and Behaviour
Dog Agility Instructor.

Karen has been working as a professional dog trainer and veterinary referral behaviourist in Munster since 2001.



Karen Davison grew up in a large town in Bedfordshire, England.

When she was eight, the family got their first dog, Scamp, who's great character started Karen's lifelong love of dogs.
Fascinated by their intelligence and complex social behaviour she studied canine psychology, and the more she learnt, the deeper her appreciation of dogs grew. Karen has been working as a professional dog trainer and canine behaviourist since 2001.
Now living in a small village on the west coast of Ireland with her husband, two daughters and nine special needs pets. Her seven dogs and two cats have a mixture of emotional, behavioural and physical disabilities. With expertise in dog behaviour and many years veterinary nursing experience, she is in a unique position to take on those animals that might not otherwise have had a chance for life.
Dog Training
"Saving one dog will not change the world,
but surely for that one dog,
the world will change forever."

Dog Training and Behaviour


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